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You have a lot relying on your pallet racking system. Indeed, a pallet rack has to carry the heavy load of handling supplies, inventory and essentially deliver easy access and total storage solutions. But most importantly – it needs to keep your goods and your people safe and secure at all times. 

Dexion Victoria pallet racking adapts and caters to every warehouse pallet racking need, whether for industrial high-density storage or mezzanine floors, right through to smaller fit-outs with niche requirements.
With more than eight decades of pallet racking experience, Dexion Victoria can handle not only your pallet rack installation but also ongoing inspection and maintenance (both general and emergency). With products moving through many locations daily, warehouse racking can absorb a lot of wear and tear, so this service can be worth its weight in, well, pallet racking!

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Designing high-quality, compliant pallet racking

Creating warehouse racking systems engineered to meet the Australian Standards and Design and Structural certifications including seismic requirements. This often calls for an incredibly complex and sophisticated response to make logistics and operations as efficient and safe as possible. In short, a smart storage system saves time and money. Dexion Victoria creates pallet racking to the very highest Australian standards, giving you peace of mind – from design right through to development and racking installation – that you can trust in our storage solutions.

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Trust Dexion Victoria’s experience to offer you a wide range of smart, safe and efficient storage solutions.

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